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    Prosperity and boom of Associations in NanKai University

    Until now, there are 127 students associations, which are all well developed in different fields.

    These students' communities can be generally divided into 8 categories, including 18 in public welfare, 6 in science and technology, 29 in academic aspects, 25 in literature and art, 21 in physical fitness, 8 in career development, 4 in international communication, and 16 comprehensive ones.

    Different communities provide colorful cultural activities for students. There are not only many distinctive activities for their members, but also large-scale recreational and sports events that have influence in the whole campus with the support of Youth League Committee in NanKai University. These activities enrich students' after-school life, and create an active atmosphere in NanKai University.

    It's easy to find the traces of students' associations in all kinds of large-scale activities in Nankai University. From the opening day of Lotus Festival to the cultural festival of students' associations, the active roles our massive associations have played all displayed the young spirituality of each Nankai student.

    Meanwhile, our associations are positively participating activities held by Tianjin government or related universities. The distinguished performances in all sorts of sports competitions put many of our sports associations in the top list. Some academic as well as artistic associations also feature in competitions of all kinds, which is well received in all sectors of the society. Now we've chosen some representative associations, displayed here.