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  • Tianjin Castor-energy Technology CO., Ltd

    Tianjin Castor-energy Technology CO. Ltd was founded by Nankai University Engineering Research Center for Castor, Jinnan Innovation Institute of Nankai University and Beizhakou Town government, located at Jinnan Innovation Institute of Nankai University,with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. Our goals are to gear up industrialization of technical achievement on non-grain biomass fuel (castor etc.) , establish industry firms, fulfill biomass fuel industrialization project from National Energy Administration. Biomass fuel has become a hotspot for global technical development, commercial test flight, carbon trading and capital market. Furthermore, our country is in an immediate demand for biomass fuel industry in aviation emission reduction,solutions for climate change and 'global carbon confrontation' induced by EU carbon tax. Also it's an effective approach to supersede petroleum and to eliminate smog. Biomass fuel industry is significant for both national and regional economy as a new growth point in promoting bio-energy industrial chain and green low-carbon industry. As an operating platform to amplify and industrialize Nankai University Engineering Research Center for Castor 'biomass fuel', we are working to achieve scale development in three years, step in capital market and create new growth point in biomass fuel green and low carbon industry.

    Tianjin Danfer Zhonglv Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin Danfer Zhonglv Technology Co., Ltd, located at Jinnan Institute of Nankai University (Tianle industrial park of Beizhakou town), was established jointly by Nankai University Engineering Research Center for Castor and Zhejiang Wangli Group. Nankai University Engineering Research Center for Castor provides the green lubrication technology. With a registered capital of 30 million RMB at first stage, the company mainly engaged in R&D, manufacture and sales of Bio-based lubricant. The target of the company is to be listed on the gem, create “Zhonglv” brand, and win the global leading position of green lubrication. “High performance bio-based lubricant” is the core product of Nankai University Engineering Research Center for Castor, which can replace Petroleum-based products for lubricating industry. It exceeds domestic oil in technical performance and foreign oil in price incomparably. The product is more energy efficient (saves 10% fuel through the test of China Ministry of Environmental Protection), environment friendly (gained bio-based products certification of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Only One in lubricating industry). High performance bio-based lubricant is the urgent technical product to cure fog haze, save energy and reduce emissions. Since 2010, the product has been included in governmental procurement of Tianjin. Along with the enhancement of government guidance and environmental awareness of consumers, there will surely be a promising market for this newly developed product.

    Tianjin Hanyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

    Tianjin Hanyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd relies on Research Institute of photo-electronics devices and technology of Nankai University. Business includes consultation of manufacturing technique for thin film solar cells, equipment design for high efficiency solar cell production, custom-made instruments for semiconductor material and device, intelligent photovoltaic system design and installing service. Hanyu Co., Ltd Invested professional company of Tianjin Chuanglai Intelligent Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd to provide the best quality products and services to solar energy industry.

    Tianjin All-wave Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

    The business of All-wave Corporation involves technology research and development, green products, environmental consulting services, cleaner production training, and so on.

    Our main products include: biological bacterium agent, livestock feed addictives, clean coal utilization additives, organic fertilizer, new biogas equipment, sludge treatment equipment, deodorant, environmental monitoring equipment, and all kinds of high efficient bioreactor, etc.

    The corporation has reserved more than a dozen patent technologies and products.

    As a technology transfer platform of Jinnan Innovation Institute of Nankai University, we have built production alliance with Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Biomass Solid Waste Resources,Tianjin Circular Economy and low-carbon Development Research base, Tianjin Consumers' Association, China & Sweden Biomass Energy Joint Research Centre and other organizations.

    As a science and technology enterprise, our unswerving pursuit is to seek eco-friendly ways to turn waste into treasure, to develop more rational products and services at low cost to protect our environment.

    Tianjin Plannano Energy Technologies Co., Ltd

    Tianjin Plannano Energy Technologies Co., Ltd, founded by Dr. Yongsheng Chen and his team, focuses on production and applications of nano-materials. Dr. Chen is a professor at Nankai University, winner of the Thousand Talents Program in China, and one of the Highly Cited Researcher elected by Thomson Reuters.

    With more than 30 patents, the company has developed a family of green energy products based on graphene and nano-materials. We are committed to serving customers with leading technologies, cutting-edge products and integrity.